Orthotics & Gait Training Charlottesville, Virginia

The physical therapists at Move Better have advanced training in gait analysis, gait training, and the appropriateness of orthotic intervention in the management of a specific condition, or as a preventative modality. How your lower extremity functions during standing, walking, and running activities is directly impacted by your feet. Beyond wearing the proper shoes for your foot type and activity, subtle changes in your foot function can play a critical role in the development of pain and symptoms in the ankles, knees, hips, or back. We focus our care on the use of cost-effective, pre-fabricated orthotics and wedge devices prescribed to your specific needs as well customized as gait training to help reduce pain.

Orthotics and Gait Training

The best results require a partnership between physician, therapist, and patient. At Move Better we believe the more active patients are in their own recovery, the faster they will get better. We emphasize teaching self-care, orthotic wear schedules, and at-home gait retraining exercise programs on the first visit. Our home exercise programs are customized with specific text, pictures, and exercise videos for each patient.