Work Injury Rehabilitation

The physical therapists at Move Better have advanced training in physical therapy care of the injured worker with work injury rehabilitation. Our clinic is designed to quickly accommodate urgent cases to help reduce pain and time out of work. We emphasize close collaboration with physicians, nurse case managers, and employers to provide an interdisciplinary model that facilitates appropriate return to work decisions.

As the only local clinic fully-staffed by therapists who are board-certified orthopedic clinical specialists (OCS), we specialize in providing cutting edge approaches with evidence-based treatment plans that are customized to the individual goals of each client. In addition, we keep close communication with you and your physician to ensure appropriate progress and a full recovery are achieved.

Work Injury Rehabilitation

Work Conditioning:

Work conditioning is a program that trains the client to return to a particular job. The program provides educational sessions with a complete exercise program and simulated work activities. The length and intensity of the program can vary based on the client’s initial functional status and the demands of his/her job.

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE):

Work Injury Rehabilitation Therapy

A Functional Capacity Evaluation is an objective and quantitative assessment of the patient’s physical abilities for performing work. This type of test comprises tasks which require the individual to use their strength, assume various positions, and perform various movements in order to determine the individual’s safe physical limitations for performing work. Following the FCE, results and recommendations are discussed with the client and referral source. Our clinic utilizes a customized FCE based on the Iserhagen FCE model.