At Move Better Physical Therapy in Charlottesville, we are dedicated to providing the best physical therapy in a friendly and comfortable setting. Our clinic and state-of-the-art equipment are always kept neat and clean. Individual examination rooms offer privacy and a relaxing environment for an optimal experience. A pleasant clinic environment with plenty of natural light helps supplement productive sessions.

Move Better features advanced, state-of-the-art equipment including:

Move better Physical therapy in charlottesville
  • Landice treadmills
  • SciFit ellipticals
  • Upper body ergometers and recumbent / upright bikes
  • Nautilus selectorized weight machines
  • Cybex Bravo functional trainers and speed pulleys
  • Work simulation equipment
  • Theraband-resistance stations
  • Specialty balance boards
  • And More…

All of our equipment is specifically chosen to help our patients achieve their therapy goals, whether it’s strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination, or balance, our staff and facility are fully equipped to help!