Maintain Your New Year’s Fitness Resolution

Every year, millions of people make a resolution to get fit and get more exercise, but by the end of February, many of those resolutions have already been abandoned. How can you stick with your goals and find motivation throughout the year? We have some simple tips that will keep you on track.

Set Manageable Goals

Be realistic about what you hope to achieve. If you aren’t already exercising regularly, don’t jump right into training for a marathon or learning to bench press your own body weight. Start by simply planning to move for 30 to 60 minutes 5 days a week, and choose activities you enjoy. The most important part of any fitness plan is consistency, so make this your first priority.

If you are already following a weekly routine and want to up your game, you still need to progress slowly and improve gradually. Add a few extra minutes every day to your cardio routine and be sure to stretch after an increase in activity. If you like to lift weights, increase your repetitions by increments of 5 before adding more weight and be careful that your form doesn’t suffer as you add weight.

Be Consistent

Many people mistake consistency for a rigid schedule with a set activity or set of exercises. This isn’t necessary, but what does matter is that you move every day. Set aside time the same way you would for an important appointment and make a point to honor that time. You can try lots of different activities to keep you interested – the point is not to get stuck in the same routine every day but to be sure that you move some every day.

Get Creative

You don’t have to run or lift weights to get in shape. Anything that challenges your body will help you build strength and endurance. Dancing, heavy-duty yard work, skipping rope, walking, yoga — any activity that engages your muscles and gets your heart pumping will help you improve your fitness. Motivation is the key, so choose exercises that you look forward to, and set goals that make you want to exercise. Maybe you have always wanted to learn hip-hop dancing, or perhaps you want to hike to a famous location. Setting a goal that inspires you will help you find the desire to exercise.

Engage a Partner

So many people make a resolution to get in shape that you’re bound to have a friend or coworker who shares your goals. A partner can help you stick to your routine and provide motivation when you might otherwise skip a workout. Many people also find that it’s easier and more fun to exercise with a friend, and the reward of catching up over a drink after you’re finished can help make exercise something you enjoy rather than an activity you dread.

Create a Sacred Space

Create an environment that inspires you to get fit. If you are more ambitious, you can actually dedicate a room in your home to exercise and outfit it with fun equipment or mirrors. If you can’t afford to create a gym within your home, consider a membership to a gym that you like. If being outdoors energizes you, find an outdoor fitness club, a favorite park, or walking trail and allow the beauty of nature to inspire you.

Combine Activities

Some other popular resolutions include reading more, listening to more music, learning a new language, or catching up on a program you never have time to watch. Combine these resolutions and get twice as much accomplished! Learn a language while you go for a walk or a run, read a book while you are on the treadmill, or watch all 7 seasons of Mad Men. Create a playlist of your favorite songs, or listen to new music when you exercise. Not only will these activities help you stay motivated and excited about your workouts, but you can achieve twice as many goals!

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