Helping relieve neck pain at move better physical therapist

As I alternated shrugging my shoulders with rocking my head from side to side in hopes of helping to alleviate the royal pain in my neck, I started to wonder just how people choosing to live with chronic neck pain do it. My neck pain was affecting my run, my swim, my Saturday morning walk, and I even found myself being a pain in the neck – which is so not me.

Neck pain affects about 30% of the population and can be brought on in a plethora of ways such as health issues, a car accident, sports injury, or even poor posture. Neck pain may even be debilitating rendering one unable to look over their shoulder, it can produce muscle spasms, tingling in the extremities, it can make it difficult to stand or sit up straight, affect a good night’s sleep, garner stiffness, and even give you a headache.

Physical therapy for neck pain How does neck pain present itself? Depending on the physical structure involved (i.e. bones, ligaments, and muscles) neck pain usually starts at the base of the skull just above the spine and branches out from there. The pain can be sharp, dull, stabbing, throbbing, achy, or a combination of the above.

Another type of neck pain involves the nerves of the neck (radiculopathy). Radiculopathy pain radiates throughout the upper back and shoulders and may even travel down into the arms and hands. This type of nerve pain may have your therapist reaching out to your physician/surgeon just to ensure everyone involved has you on the correct path to healing and not in need of surgery.

Regardless of your neck pain type, you don’t need to live with it. Skilled Move Better PT’s routinely treat, understand, and remediate this type of problem. A Move Better PT will learn about you, assess your neck pain level, utilize manual therapy, and instruct you on neck exercises to get you back on the road to recovery.

Life is an adventure, and pain shouldn’t be a part of it. Let us help you with your decision. We want to discover more about you and your chronic neck pain problem, come see us! Learn more about our evidence-based approaches to solving your neck pain.