Fall Prevention

Balance Training & Fall Prevention Physical Therapy

Are you having difficulty with your balance? Do you find that fear of falling is keeping you from doing what you love to do? If so, our therapists are here to help!

Our physical therapist can help you improve your balance through exercise, strengthening, practical advice, and appropriate use of an assistive device if necessary.  Our Fall Prevention program and balance training physical therapy can help you avoid a long recovery process or surgery resulting from a fall. Our top priority is helping you to get back to living your life safely and confidently.

The physical therapists at Move Better have advanced training in gait analysis, gait training, and the appropriateness of orthotic intervention in the management of a specific condition, or as a preventative modality. We focus our care on the use of cost-effective, pre-fabricated orthotics and wedge devices prescribed to your specific needs as well as customized gait training to help reduce pain. Prevent your future risk of falls, and improve your walking speed and confidence by learning a custom set of exercises designed to improve your daily function.

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