Golf Performance

Our golf performance program is specific for golfers experiencing issues with their golf game that are limiting performance or contributing to the development of pain.

Our therapist Alan Barb, PT, DPT, OCS is Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Level 1 certified and will utilize screening developed to determine strength, movement quality, mobility, flexibility, and balance deficits that have been correlated with specific golf swing faults. This screening, as well as health history, will determine individual limitations that can be restrictive to development of an efficient and pain-free golf swing.

After individual needs are assessed, a specific exercise program and treatment plan is developed. With continued screening and reassessment, we can help you as well as your coach/golf professional to develop an efficient swing. Building a swing that accounts for individual needs allows you to improve your game or continue to perform at a high level while decreasing risk of development of pain.

Please call Move Better to ask about our program that offers one-time screening or ongoing performance training with our TPI trained physical therapist. If pain is limiting your performance a traditional physical therapy treatment plan/evaluation would be appropriate with the ability to transition into performance programming as symptoms resolve.