orthopedics and sports injury therapy

The physical therapists at Move Better have advanced training in physical therapy care of the spine and extremity joints related to surgery and sports injuries. As the only local clinic fully-staffed by therapists who are board-certified orthopedic clinical specialists (OCS), we specialize in providing cutting edge approaches with evidence-based treatment plans that are customized to your individual goals.

Our therapists provide care developed in partnership with many of our local area surgeons. In addition, we keep close communication with you and your physician to ensure appropriate progress and full recovery is achieved.

Orthopedics and Sports Injuries Therapy
Orthopedics and Sports Therapy

The best results require a partnership between physician, therapist, and patient. At Move Better we believe the more active patients are in their own recovery, the faster they will get better. We emphasize teaching self-care and at-home exercise programs on the first visit. Our home exercise programs are customized with specific text, pictures, and exercise videos for each patient.

Help reduce your risk of sports injury by taking part in Move Better’sĀ Run Better & Perform Better Programs, which useĀ evidence-based treatment plans that are customized to your individual goals. These programs help guide runners and athletes to train for performance and decrease their risk of injury with sport-specific strengthening and flexibility exercises.