Run Better

Specialized Physical Therapy for Runners

Move Better in Charlottesville specializes in Physical Therapy for Runners. Our physical therapists have advanced training in the evaluation and treatment of runners. We can guide runners in their training to improve performance and decrease the risk of developing running related injuries with the use of our Run Better program. Our specialized running PT program includes a detailed history of training, discussion and assessment of prior injuries, a thorough lower extremity functional screen, and in-depth video gait analysis.

Physical Therapy for Runners in Charlottesville

As the only local clinic fully staffed by therapists who are board-certified orthopedic clinical specialists (OCS), our Move Better team can use this information to provide cutting edge approaches for runners with specific strengthening and flexibility exercises, manual therapy techniques to improve hip and ankle mobility, and gait training to improve stride efficiency. We design evidence-based treatment plans that address your specific needs and help you reach your goals. If you are ready to start running better, come see us to get your individualized Run Better program today.

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