Physical Therapy for Back Pain and Neck Pain

The physical therapists at Move Better apply an evidence-based approach to examine and treat neck pain and back pain. Research strongly suggests that patients managed with a treatment-based classification system experience significant decreases in pain, disability, and work restrictions compared to traditional therapy care. Our therapists use predictive clinical examination findings to match patients to a specific treatment. These treatments may include:

Physical therapy for Back Pain and Neck Pain
  • manual therapy and trunk strengthening exercises
  • repeated motion exercises in a particular direction
  • functional movement into activity-specific retraining
  • traction with posture retraining exercises

In some cases, back, hip, knee or ankle pain can be corrected with Orthotics and Gait Training. The physical therapists at Move Better have advanced training in gait analysis, gait training, and the appropriateness of orthotic intervention to help reduce your pain.

The best results require a partnership between physician, therapist, and patient. At Move Better we believe the more active patients are in their own recovery, the faster they will get better. We emphasize teaching self-care and at-home exercise programs on the first visit. Our home exercise programs are customized with specific text, pictures, and exercise videos for each patient.