Sports Performance

Move Better Physical Therapy offers a range of options for athletes interesting in maximizing performance or preventing injury:

Perform Better: Our program is designed for athletes who are interested in improving their sports performance. A consultation with our doctoral trained sports therapists can help you prevent future injury, improve your endurance, speed up your 40-yard dash, or improve your coordination and agility. We will help guide you through sports-specific exercises and treatment to give you an edge for your chosen sport. Our therapist can help swimmers, soccer, tennis, basketball, and baseball players all perform better in their favorite sports.

ACL Injury Prevention: The majority of ACL injuries are non-contact injuries. Athletes that want long and healthy careers, whether collegiate or recreational, benefit from learning a custom ACL prevention program. Many of the risk factors associated with ACL injury in athletes can be modified with appropriate education and training. We can implement a specific exercise program designed to help you land with better stability, cut with increased safety, and gain the muscle strength and control to reduce faulty movement patterns that contribute to your ACL injury risk.

Fitness Athletes: Crossfit and similar high-intensity workout programs have gotten more and more popular here in Charlottesville over the past several years.  If you are having trouble with your Olympic lifts, find yourself plateauing in strength, or keep getting training injuries, we are here to help.  We have a dedicated powerlifting/functional training space and expert therapists to help improve your workouts and reduce injuries.

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