Burn Boot Camp – Foam Rollers

Foam Rolling with Move Better Physical Therapy

Burn Boot Camp’s Ms. Berkley DeLung,  invited our Move Better therapist, Alan Barb, DPT, OCS, to give an informative talk on Self-Myofascial Release (SMR) – aka- foam rolling massage.Berkely at Burn Boot Camp at Foam Roller presentation

Last Saturday a group of energetic women greeted Alan as they each snagged a foam roller and took their place on the floating floor.  Alan does not give dry monotonous speeches, but rather he engages his audience by having them participate. And for those in attendance, this was most helpful as they all had just completed a hard lower body workout and were in desperate need of some foam rolling.

Some of the topics Alan covered on the foam roller included:
What is a foam roller and how do you know which kind to select?

When to use a foam roller? Before or after a workout?

What is the purpose of foam rolling and does it break down scar tissue or soft tissue adhesion?

Can a foam roller help with muscle soreness post exercise?

How to use a foam roller.

What to do if foam rolling isn’t helping with soreness/pain?

Question and answers about Foam Rolling flowed throughout —
Alan teaching foam rollingAlan, as usual, does an incredible job of answering questions.  Equally impressive is Alan’s ability to effortlessly demonstrate how to work each muscle group with the foam roller. Some of the maneuvers were rather tricky, and had ladies laughing as they attempted to try them out.  Of course, Alan always gives modifications for those not feeling too comfortable with the various positions. With Alan’s approachability, participants are relaxed and comfortable, which allows for an easy dialogue.

Some great questions were asked, which Alan was able to able to answer without hesitation.  Move Better was thrilled with the opportunity to share one of its doctoral level therapists with with Burn Boot Camp to explore the topic of “Foam Rolling”. Who knew there was so much to learn about a foam roller and the musculoskeletal system?

In pain? In need of a movement expert? Would a class given by a Move Better therapist benefit a group you belong to? – Please reach out. The Move Better experience is about making people better one person at a time.  It’s a one-on-one, at every visit, with a doctoral level therapist, who is (or is in the process of being) a Board Certified Orthopedic Specialist in physical therapy (OCS).

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