Back to Basics with Lower Back Pain

So just what is lower back pain (LBP)?

Lower Back Pain is a musculoskeletal disorder that roughly 80% of Americans suffer from in their lifetime.  In layman’s terms it is the improper functioning of the components of the back. It is a relatively painful condition and although the pain may appear to be severe, it usually isn’t representative of a serious problem. Having said that, it should be checked out just to be sure. Certainly, no would choose to live with pain when a Move Better PT (aka a lower back pain expert) can help alleviate it?

Where is lower back pain located?

Lower back pain is most commonly felt below the back rib-cage down into the L1-L5 vertebrae; the very vertebrae that supports the full weight of the body.  Lower back pain radiates into the glutes, and if one’s nerves get involved, there may even be pain in the legs and a tingling sensation in the toes.  Due to the severity of the pain, it is no wonder why it’s the leading cause of work days lost in America!

What are the risk factors that contribute to “catching” acute lower back pain?

Behaviors and lifestyles are usually the culprits that contribute to acute lower back pain. Improper lifting techniques, handbags and backpacks being too heavy, sport participation, and injuries — tag these behaviors.  In the lifestyle department you have weight, posture, and even sitting too long.  If one tosses in age and overall health along with the possibility of a bulging/herniated disk, one has a more complete picture of the plethora of things that can bring about lower back pain.  This is where your Move Better PT comes into play, due to their level of expertise, they know how to successfully treat it.

treat lower back painHow to successfully treat lower back pain?

Just like no two people are alike, neither are their backs. At Move Better, a doctor of physical therapy spends quality time getting to know you. They learn your routine along with the condition of your particular back as well. Only through a thorough examination, can the correct course of action be determined.

Move Better’s triple approach to lower back pain treatment includes:

1.) Symptom modification → Where manual therapies, directional preference exercises, and modalities are utilized.

2.) Movement control training → where a highly trained Move Better therapist works with patients to improve their flexibility, muscle activation, and coordination.

3.) Functional optimization → the piece that enhances the endurance, strength, and power, and helps to alleviate the fatigue of the movement system all the while maximizing performance.

Most notably, this triple tactic is an evidence based approach hence, it guarantees a positive result. And finally …

What is The Move Better Physical Therapy Experience?

The Move Better experience happens when you meet with one of Move Better’s team of highly trained physical therapists.  Moreover, our PT’s routinely help patients alleviate lower back pain, among other conditions, and help them back on their journey.  You are now but a click away from that experience, one you most certainly want to check out.