YMCA Presentation on Lower Back Pain

Move Better Presentation on Lower Back Pain

Opportunity to hear your dynamic duo give a Lower Back Pain presentation

Have you ever wanted to hear your Move Better movement experts give a presentation? And on a topic that 80% of Americans suffer from—lower back pain?  Now is your chance. The YMCA has graciously extended an invite to Move Better’s “family” to come hear our dynamic duo Alan Reid, DPT, OCS, and Reid Moseley, DPT, CSCS, do just that, give a lower back pain presentation.

The topics of discovery will include:

lower back pain presentation

– Defining lower back pain

Decreasing risk of lower back pain while strength training

Discussing the benefits and safety of strength training

Detailing five major mechanisms for developing lower back pain while strength training. (there will be a presentation and demonstration to correct improper movement patterns and instruction in exercise performance selection).

And of course – what to do if you have already developed lower back pain.

What is this lower back pain presentation about?

The event is free, designed for the YMCA members, but has been opened to our extended Move Better family (that’s you).  I have had the rare pleasure of being able to hear these two speak and I can fervently recommend them. They are engaging and educational – two words not always synonymous with one another – and highly skilled, after all they are doctoral level therapists.

There will be a question and answer session at the end and light snacks.  So if you’re curious about back pain, what a movement expert is, or what a board certified doctoral level therapist looks like… here is your chance.

Details –

Monday 22 April 2019 @ 600 pm @ the Brooks Family YMCA – 151 West Park Drive. Charlottesville

Please come out and support your team of movement experts and learn a little something in the process, you will be glad you did.  Looking forward to seeing you there. If you have any questions we are but a click away. https://movebettertherapy.com/contact-us/