Runner’s Medicine

UVA’s Runner’s Medicine Seminar

Running with the bulls –

True, the Move Better Team of expert PT’s are not running with the bulls in Spain. They are however, taking courses to help better treat us runners; so that if we wanted to run with the bulls we can!  Both Alan Barb, DPT, OCS, and Reid Moseley, DPT, CSCS, attended Runner’s Medicine – a course offered through UVA’s school of medicine. The course focused on state of the art approaches for evaluation and management of the running athlete. The many experts in the field and the in-depth labs and workshops provided a platform for tremendous learning.  Some of the topics included:

Lecture series:

♦ Managing anterior hip pain in runners

♦ Indications for hip arthroscopy

♦ Treatment options for runners with stress fractures and entrapment neuropathies of the hip and pelvis

♦ Recommendations for the runner and triathlete with Total Joint Replacement

♦ Over-training and fatigue syndrome Alan explaining a running concept

♦ Influence of the Upper Quarter on running mechanics and performance

A Lecture is just not enough for our Move Better PT’s

Alan and Reid attended both the lecture series and the runner’s labs/workshops as well.  This type of participation reinforces discussion with running specific rehabilitation and corrective exercise as well as manual therapy training. This extra step underpins all which was learned on runners.  And as a bonus, it allowed our PT’s an opportunity to network for our patients as well.
Reid working with a runner

Move Better delivers on dedication

Move Better is dedicated to carefully selecting courses that would ensure that our doctoral level physical therapists are able to keep-up with current literature, be cutting edge, and stay within the confines of an evidence based-approach.  It is this attention to detail that guarantees our patients the best possible outcome. It’s part of the Move Better experience.

If the thought of having your own personal therapist (without aides or extenders) at every visit intrigues you and you are an athlete that desires to get better, faster, and stronger — safely, and wants to learn more about the Move Better Experience, press here.