The Best Physical Therapist in Charlottesville

Move Better is thrilled to announce that the votes are in and Charlottesville has once again chosen Move Better Physical Therapy.  We are taking a moment to celebrate Heather Walton DPT, OCS, for being selected as the Best Physical Therapist in Best of C-Ville 2018, and Best of C-Ville 2019. Both of these selections strongly convey what Charlottesville desires in a physical therapy practice.

Move Better Physical Therapy is changing the therapy paradigm. We believe that only highly trained, board-certified physical therapists should be working with our patients so we do not use trainers, PT aides, or techs to supervise a patient’s therapeutic exercises during a therapy visit. This approach may not improve our bottom line, but it does improve our clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction. Our Move Better team greatly appreciates your ongoing confidence and support, and we look forward to working closely with you in the future as we continue to set the standard for higher quality physical therapy in Charlottesville, Va.

“Our practice is unique in several meaningful ways compared to our competition,” explains Heather.  First, as we have grown we have maintained our same focused treatment model for our patients. Our patient’s work one-on-one with the same therapist each visit and we average fewer patient visits per day so our therapist can provide higher quality care each session. For example, our practice averages 10 patient visits per therapist per day, but the national average is 14 patient visits per therapist per day.  Second, all of our physical therapists are required to obtain board-certification in a therapy specialty, either Orthopedics (OCS), Sports (SCS), or Geriatrics (GCS). This standard places our team of therapist in the top 10% in the nation for expertise in our profession. Lastly, we support our younger clinicians with a formal mentoring program, and provide double the continuing education course work per year compared to our peers. Our therapists are further supported with professional literature reviews and evidence-based practice is emphasized in all of our patient treatment pathways.

Heather went on to explain that, “Move Better Physical Therapy has been a thriving PT practice the past eighteen years because we believe in providing higher quality physical therapy services to our patients.””If a person was not pleased with their prior therapy experience or results, our team would love the opportunity to provide them with a better outcome. People should not choose a therapy provider just by location of the clinic because our practice has proven that not all therapy is the same. Our therapy results have helped us achieve an unsurpassed reputation for clinical excellence in Charlottesville, and our excellent patient satisfaction scores further support our practice model.”

All of us at Move Better Physical Therapy congratulate Heather  for her dedication to her patients and the excellent therapy care she provides everyday. Come see Heather Walton DPT, OCS and her colleagues at Move Better for a higher standard of therapy care and great results! They are the Best Of C-Ville 2018 and 2019 for many good reasons, and Heather Walton DPT, OCS is reason number one.