5 Phases of Running Injury Prevention/Prehab

Impressive is probably the best way to describe The Runners five Phases of injury prevention/prehab clinic given at Tread Happy in downtown Charlottesville.

Our Move Better team of Alan DPT, OCS and Reid DPT, CSCS caught up to an energetic group of women who regularly knock out treadmill miles. The goal of the Move Better team was to teach running prehab.

The five phases of running prehab:

  1. The warm-up phase ► gets the larger major muscle groups moving, the heart beating, and blood flowing. The tin man, high knees and C-skip, does this quite nicely.
  2. The flexibility/viability phase ► focuses the runner on stretching out the three hamstrings, the often neglected and tight muscles of the body. Lying on the back and gently drawing the straightened leg to the chest will reveal the hamstrings’ flexibility or lack thereof.
  3. The Strength phase ► deals primarily with the glute and ab/adductors. These three muscles, when strong, keep the body moving forward, but if weak can wreak havoc. Working with bands and body weight resistance will keep those glutes, abs, and adductors strong.
  4. The Motor Control phase ► engages all the muscles that haphazardly fire when the foot doesn’t strike the ground properly (ie. when leaping over rocks, dodging tree branches, or avoiding geese). Posture and being aware of which muscle should be firing is very important as the body likes the path of least resistance; it will cheat if given an opportunity.
  5. The Recovery phase ► helps the torn down muscles recuperate. Muscles need sufficient time to heal, but recovery time is different for each runner. Soreness should be expected, but pain portends there could be a problem.

If pain persists, after a proper rest, one might want to consider seeing one of Move Better’s doctors of physical therapy (DPT).  Following the five phases or running prehab should keep a runner injury free and Tread Happy.  For further information please contact Move Better at movebettertherapy@gmail.com.