Titleist Performance Institute Golf Training

Alan Barb, DPT, Board-Certified Clinical Specialist in Orthopedic Physical Therapy (OCS) of Move Better Physical Therapy, recently had the opportunity to take part in the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Level 1 training in Orlando, FL. In attendance were golf, medical, and fitness professionals all interested in learning how to better assess the physical limitations of their golfers. This training has been instrumental in the development of a golf specific rehabilitation and performance program here at Move Better.

The Titleist Performance Institute studied thousands of golfers from the weekend enthusiast to the top Tour professionals to determine how the human body functions in relation to the golf swing. The information garnered from TPI professionals after assessing each of these player’s individual fitness level and physical limitations, which could adversely affect the golf swing and lead to an increased risk of injury, was then shared with the professionals in attendance.

Physical Therapy for Golf trainingThe training Alan received at TPI provided him with the necessary tools to specifically assesses each of our golfer’s swing patterns.  This assessment, in turn, gave him insight as to what may become a trigger for pain.  The TPI screen has him assessing physical fitness, movement quality, swing mechanics, and biomechanics as well as physical health and the health history of our golfers.  Being able to observe, evaluate, and assess an individual’s swing, and then give feedback to our clients on swing modifications, is beneficial.  The goal of our therapist, Alan, is to make the golf swing more efficient, pain free, and safer given each golfer’s observed limitations.

After an assessment, creating a personalized exercise program/prescription for each of our golfers should be expected.  There is no ideal “one golf swing fits all”, but with an assessment we can determine how to work around an individual’s limitations, whether caused by a previous injury, surgery, or structural abnormality.  The golfer will continue to be assessed and re-assessed even after meeting with their golf coach/professional until the swing is the safest and most efficient one for our player.  We, at Move Better, want to help our golfers prolong the ability to play their best game.

As a doctoral level physical therapist, Alan has the skill set to evaluate movement and movement dysfunction, strength, and mobility limitations that may be contributing to current injuries or increased risk of future injury. With the addition of a specific TPI training to screen golfers, Alan can better develop a personal program designed to reduce pain and improve the game.

If you feel that you could benefit from an assessment, please call our office at (434) 817-0980 to schedule an evaluation with Alan Barb, DPT, OCS.